Devin Nunes Worried Republicans Have No Way To Plan Sedition Now

TECH BRIEF: Presidential Medal of Honor recipient and arch-bovine-hater Devin Nunes today expressed concern for the consequences of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter shutting down Republican voices.

“How will the Presidents followers organize future insurrections against the United States without the ability to communicate with each other?”

Especially concerning to Nunes is news that right-wing platform Parler is effectively being taken offline after being banned on the Google Play and Apple app stores.

“Without the ability to co-ordinate online, what should be wonderful coup attempts might amount to little more than random lynching of officials and destruction of federal property.”

He claims right-wing efforts to subvert the US Constitution are already suffering from the absence of their chief instigator, President Trump.

“With no twitter access, his dog whistles are as good as useless now!”

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