Disgusting! Comedians Already Making Jokes About The Bowling Green Massacre

Image credit: 'Stand-up comedy stage' by Carlos Delgado via Commons license CC-BY-SA.

In a blatant case of “too soon”, comedians are already making jokes about the Bowling Green Massacre less than a week after the country learned of this unspeakable tragedy.

The internet is also rife with jokes and memes making light of the cowardly assault on the Kentucky town that appears to have so many doubled over in pain.

“This shows the victims no respect. What about their families – how must they feel?”

The situation is a far cry from the weeks and months after 9/11, when everyone seemed united in the understanding that this was a sacred matter that would not be the subject for even the most well-intentioned humor for some time.

“Laughter is in many ways understood to be a form of release which could explain this, but it is still far far too early.”

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