Disorganized Cat Not Ready For Weekend

(Pittsburgh, PA) A cat who is said to be ‘very behind on things’ is not ready for the weekend, even though it is already well into Saturday. The cat’s owner, a heavy user of the social media platform Twitter, is said to be extremely stressed out by the unanticipated turn of events. The situation first became widely known when the cat failed to perform during a photography session on Friday night, even though it had sucessfully completed them every previous Friday for the past four years. Said the owner ‘we may just have to get a new one’. Anyone who knows of support groups in the area that deal with this issue are asked to contact Francis Baconbits who was last seen lying next to the heating vent.

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  1. Are you seriously thinking about getting rid of your cat because she does not want to do a photo shoot? You really should not have a pet! Where is the love an owner should have towards its pet? Do you have the cat so it can make money for you or do you treat him as part of your family? I would guess it would be the first reason! Please get the cat a good home for this beautiful cat, she deserves to have an owner who will love and protect her! I repeat do not get another cat for the purpose of doing photo shoots, You must know a pet is not a disposable member of your family. This story sickens me!

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