DNC Chair To Be Burned At The Stake During Convention To Appease Sanders Supporters

A set of emails that implicates DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a concerted effort to undermine Senator Bernie Sanders is rocking the Democrats on the eve of their convention. But Hillary Clinton is determined not to let anything derail her Presidential campaign at this juncture, including doing whatever it takes to prevent Sanders supporters failing to turn up for her come November.

Though Sanders has already endorsed Clinton there is concern that his highly passionate young supporters – who were already struggling to reconcile themselves to supporting Clinton – would balk at supporting her given the latest revelations. Clinton sent her operatives to find out what it would take to appease them with instructions that nothing was off the table.

Wasserman reportedly phoned Clinton to inform her that she would be stepping down after the Democratic convention, but was told it would not be necessary as they had already decided to bring her tenure to an end by burning her alive onstage on the second night. Clinton impressed on the condemned DNC Chair that it was not her preference, but if that’s what the Bernie-ites needed to get onboard then by god they were going to get it. Clinton added that it would be during a prime-time slot.

Since Wassermann Schultz had already sent out a statement saying she would step down after opening and closing the Convention, the Hillary campaign is expected to shortly release a statement clarifying that though Wasserman Schultz will still be opening the convention, she will be unable to close it due to her being a charred mass of bones and the lingering stench of burning flesh and permed hair by that time.

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  1. DWS should retire from politics … it’s her reputation that got scorched, from which she cannot recover …

  2. What I can’t understand is so what if the DNC and others liked Hillary better than Bernie that is not a crime it is an opinion, HELLO! If you are a Sanders support and protesting Hillary read this stuff and you will find it’s all factual! Try protesting all of Trumps Sight instead of ruining American from hearsay or opinions! Food for thought and Trump cannot rebut these facts without hearsay! – Three of our largest US Companies have more money than all the other nations in the world combined. Since 2006; DOW was 900 now 1800 Plus, Unemployment was10% now 5%, Welfare was 1.34 million now .73 Million 1/3rd less. Everyone is hiring, University tuition is has dropped and frozen. Our hungry are fed and housed everyday if they agree to terms; 30 years ago people went 3 to 4 days at a time without food. We are the number one contributor of charity that is not our government but a supplement, Gas prices was $5. And now $2.50, halved. We lead in science, medical, innovation. Because of the Immigrants and all religions, WE ARE THE WORLD! Who are great people; Global partners, donor governments, and our foundation pledge $4.3 billion … with a $20 million donation that will bring the best online lectures in the world to students … Bill and Melinda Gates join Warren Buffet in “The Giving Pledge,” of 20 billion on an effort to … International, one of the most important groups working to wipe out polio. Oct 6, 2014 – “As another American patient with Ebola arrives in the United States.” We cured three of them with that money and science. Medicine prices dropped and generic medicines and companies opening to help stimulate the economy pumped out these non greed prices of 3 and 4 dollars with Wall Mart leading the way. WOW! The only problem we have is no fear and lack of education in inner cities and rural communities that have few to none manly role models or mentors to inspire and change. We have prospered and need to quit placing blame and stimulating hate when we have so much as individuals to give poor and rich alike. We must practice with good intentions and be the example we want other through out the world to see. – Extra Credit – When our 2020 Census is complete we may be out of debt thanks to Ross Perot and other giving billionaires wanting to contribute to the prosperity of the United States of America. ~Peace~

    Did anyone tell you that everybody is Hiring, fast food, factories, hotels, pig farms (even when the economy was struggling before President Obama.) Here is the big one of ignorance from Trump, Trade Debt is a sign of prosperity and we buy things that are way above our ability to manufacture the products we want. We are in a nation that nobody starves unless they choose; Immigrants come on Trump who is going to fill those jobs that we refuse or cannot fill due to how well oft we really are. The wall, lol he can’t even manage his own bills and filled bankruptcy 6 times loosing his daddy’s money. Rebut those facts Trump! Oh yea that’s right he has no clue on our politics and where we stand as a nation and a commander in chief should never use the language and rhetoric he has established and if you vote for him that putt’s you in his pocket. Trump is a greedy big looser! Real big Looser, so Big that he fools you with his big words slamming others with his big reading skills. I feel sorry for his kids that have to stand next to dad or be written out of the will. Then if and he won’t become president he causes WWIII because of his actions.

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