Doctors Remind Trump Supporters To Take Nikes Off Before Burning Them

The American Medical Association (AMA) released a statement today urging those protesting Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad campaign by burning their sneakers and other athletic apparel to remove it before doing to. This follows an epidemic of burn victims, which they say is not all that surprising.

“These people tend to respond instinctively in the moment, rather than forward-project the consequences of their actions like most mammals do.”

The AMA recommends removal of all items to be burned, and doing so at a safe distance in an area free from other flammable materials, like in the middle of an empty driveway.

“While we understand their enthusiasm to protest any company that stands with basic equality and equal treatment under the law, we feel duty-bound to counsel against hasty actions that will lead to medical harm.”

Regrettably, horribly burned feet are not the only injuries they are seeing in emergency room across the country, though mostly in the center.

“There has also been an epidemic of stabbed calves and ankles as they attempt to cut the swoosh emblem from their socks while they are still wearing them.”

Medical experts say prevention is the best cure, though they are not sure how practical that is in this instance.

“Unfortunately we can’t cure stupid.”

28 Comments on "Doctors Remind Trump Supporters To Take Nikes Off Before Burning Them"

  1. lmao plz tell the doc to get his head out of nikes ass and off of lib dick! remember mr phd.. its libtards demorats taking the tide pod challenge and the many other stupid things you hear about…just saying

  2. Nike fan forever! !


  4. You guys do know this is satire, right??? LOL!! Seems like a lot of the comments from people think is this real or something, haha, no wonder why Trump is president!! Idiots.

  5. Sure wish these drs would remind people to not have sex before having an abortion

  6. MAGA! Burn dem shoes, burn dem shoes!

  7. Please take Trump with them

  8. Love Nike more than ever!!

  9. Every chance this idiot leftist will do to insult 63 million Americans.. But it’s not working.😜😜 Still President Trump 2020..!!!! #MAGA #walkaway !!!!!

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  12. And then these morons want to run straight to the emergency room and whine about having to wait behind people they don’t feel belong in treatment. I have news for them. They used to be right in many cases. But now that these idiots have hit the waiting room those other people just moved up a rung above them in merit. And frankly? I don’t want to pay for doctor visits for people too stupid to take their shoes off before burning them with my tax money.

  13. Angel Santiago | September 5, 2018 at 5:07 am | Reply

    For those who burn their Nike sneakers while wearing them “ stupid is as stupid does.” Enough said

  14. I bet they are glad they have Obamacare now lol, let them burn, it’s a good way to cull out the idiots!.

    • only a dumb libtarded a hole like you would actually believe they would do it with their shoes on.. are you really fucking that stupid? remember smart one its libtards and demorats doing the tide pod challenge and licking toilet seats..just saying

  15. Let them burn theirselves up who cares . Don’t give them no advice if they are too stupid to not take the shoes off then let them burn in hell

    • “Don’t give them no advice”? How about taking an English grammar class”?


    • remember smart one it’s you morons licking toilet seats and eating tidepods or standing in the road waiting for us to hit you and you wanna talk about stupid?? ha!

  16. So funny i forgot to laugh

  17. Before you can burn them… you must buy them… and I’m not buying anything Nike it’s Vans for this old man

  18. Wow,way to go Trump supporters,sounds like a bunch of idiots😂😂

    • saltine american | September 9, 2018 at 9:44 am | Reply

      as much as you sound when you realize this is satire? keep at eating tidepods and licking toilet seats though makes you look real smart!!

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