Donald Trump Jr Caught Selling Marked-Up Toothbrushes At Border Camp

Saying he was only trying to help the poor immigrant children, Donald Trump Jr was removed from a border camp today for selling toothbrushes mark-up well above their value.

Trump said he was simply charging what people were willing to pay, though others contend he was taking advantage of the situation to charge black market prices.

He was also said to be ‘making a killing’ on soap, sleep masks, and hay he is rumored to have stolen from a nearby farm.

Asked for comment, the White House said it was cruel to mislead children who might be admitted into the United States into think that they will enjoy a life of dental care, affordable housing, and health insurance.

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  1. Daniel Guillot | June 26, 2019 at 2:06 pm | Reply

    REPUBLICANS DO NOT CARE about children’s BRAINS being splattered on a school chalkboard what
    makes you think they care about children being RIPPED FROM THEIR MOTHERS ARMS……Illegal immigrants do have limited rights; the right to a fair trial is one of them.This is A MINOR TRESPASSING CHARGE that they not yet even been convicted of and the IDIOT REPUBLICANS think you can KIDNAP THEIR CHILDREN Hold the children HOSTAGE in a TRUMP ORPHAN CAMP to pay for for A WALL that some other country was supposed to pay for… AND THEN LOCK THE PARENTS UP for life,,,,, for the first commission of any such offense, be fined under title 18 or imprisoned NOT MORE THAN 6 MONTHS,,, or both, TRUMP and JEFF SESSIONS have publicly stated that if TRUMP WERE TO GET HIS WALL the separation of the families would be stopped IF THAT IS NOT TERRORISM in its purest form tell me what is….

    This was a TRUMP get rich quick scheme to begin with These kids are going to be SOLD through RELIGIOUS ORPHANAGES for a PRICE. Any idea what a healthy pre teen child goes for on the black market ? THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE A FORTUNE even if they had to pay for their room and board which YOU and I are paying for as TAXPAYERS, or WORSE they may be sold for BODY PARTS,,, L PUT THEM in a HOLIDAY INN it is 5 times cheaper and the kids can bath and even have a PHONE AND IN SOME ROOMS BREAKFAST,for a fraction of the price,,,,

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