Dr. Fauci Recommends Cleansing Mind Of Trump’s Lies Multiple Times A Day

Saying everyone needs to remain vigilant during the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Fauci issued new guidelines for people to follow today.

“I am encouraged to see people are taking hand hygiene seriously, but there is another thing we must do which is keeping our minds healthy.”

Fauci says it’s vitally important everyone keeps a healthy mind full of facts and knowledge about the pandemic during this critical time.

“Unfortunately there is a known pathogen that can infect the mind and fill it with poisonous falsehoods.”

Fauci warns that its basically impossible to avoid being exposed completely, which is why everyone must take steps to clear their mind of harmful lies before they take root.

“I recommend everyone cleanse their mind multiple times a day of everything President Trump says.”

The infectious disease expert said this was expecially important after any coronavirus press conferences, when the President tends to shed lies more vigorously.

“Really work at washing those those lies and halftruths away afterwards. If you don’t they could lead to a nasty ideology developing within days.”

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