Dumpster Full Of ‘Crackpot Castro’ Signs Found Behind White House

A dumspter filled to the brim with ‘Crackpot Castro’ signs has been spotted behind the White House waiting to be picked up with the rest of the trash.

“Clearly this administration has been carefully preparing for all eventualities.”

Also among the discarded signs were hundreds of thousands of bumper stickers saying ‘More commie than his uncle Fidel!’ and ‘What’s
Julián’s Favorite Group? MS-13!’

Election watchers say this proves just how seriously President Trump is taking this election.

“It’s very evident from this Trump considered Julián Castro as a viable opponent as he obviously invested substantial time and effort time carefully building an argument against him based on petty insults and lies.”

With Castro out, Trump is expected to focus his laser-like political intellect on those still in the race.

“He’s done a lot of work already carefully deconstructing Elizabeth Warren’s platform by calling her Pocahontas over and over, so expect him to focus on Bernie Sanders even more.”

He’s not, however, expected to personally spend much time on Joe Biden.

“He’ll just outsource that to the next country that is desperately dependent on US aid for its survival.”

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