Ecuadorian Embassy Vows Never To List Room On Airbnb Again

(London, UK) The Embassy of Ecuador in central London is breathing a sigh of relief today after what it described as a seven year Airbnb nightmare.

“You just don’t know who you’re going to get.”

Staff listed a spare room in the Embassy figuring it would be easy money given the desirable central London location, though they only intended to rent it on weekends during the summer.

“Instead this guy arrives and refuses to ever leave.”

The troublesome guest also violated a number of rules, including bringing a cat when the listing clearly said no pets.

“Though to be fair we quite liked the cat. It was the owner that was the problem.”

The Embassy is still waiting for payment, though they don’t have high hopes.

“Frankly we’re just happy to be rid of him, especially as we think he might be in some kind of trouble.”

Airbnb dismissed the complaints, saying compared to the average Airbnb guest, this one was not bad at all.

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