El Paso Hit By Second White Supremacist In Less Than A Week

The city of El Paso is suffering yet again today as local officials learned that a dangerous member of the Alt-Right is visiting the area. Though he is just there to look around, they say to steer clear of him at all costs.

“He is very well protected, so do not attempt to approach him under any circumstance.”

They emphasize the need to be highly wary of this individual, whom they have been keeping very close tabs on for some time now. All right-mided citizens are urged to keep a look out.

“Signs that he is in the vicinity are unpaid contractor bills and a trail of burger wrappers.”

Though he is generally transparent in his extreme beliefs, they warn that he may trick vulnerable people by expressing sympathy.

“Look for statements of condolance with an inexplicable exclamation point at the end.”

Another signature to look out for are statements of supposed unity quickly followed by another statement tacitly endorsing violence.

3 Comments on "El Paso Hit By Second White Supremacist In Less Than A Week"

  1. GOLD!

  2. Susan Strelec | August 7, 2019 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    I’m very much enjoying your posts… Very clever and well done. And a pleasure to come upon while navigating down the Scroll of Depression. Can I sign up to make sure I get them all? I send a number of dismal posts to a group and am so happy to throw some comic relief in the mix. The bedbug was perfection!

  3. If you are talking about tge racist trump you are on period he is nothing more than fake to continue his destruction of anybody that is not “white” according to me. Beware he will nit give uo but we as americans true americans need to stay strong pray and destroy the devil

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