Elon Musk ‘Dead To Pittsburgh’ After Coming Out In Favor Of Tunnels

(Pittsburgh, PA) Entrepeneur Elon Musk has been warned to ‘stay away from these parts’ after advocating for widespread building of tunnels for automobiles to ease traffic in urban areas.

Local residents questioned whether Musk had any actual experience of the nightmare of driving through tunnels or had come up with idea based purely on computer modelling.

“Yinz need to feel what it’s like as the walls of the Squirrel Hill tunnels close in on you and you wonder if you’ll see your loved wones ever again.”

Others found major fault with the details of Musk’s proposal which they say failed to even mention the biggest obstacle, let alone suggest any solutions.

“Where’s the section that addresses the critical issue of tunnel monsters? I’ll tell you – there isn’t one.”

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