Embarrassed God Late For National Prayer Breakfast After Sleeping In

(Washington, DC) There were awkward scenes at the National Prayer Breakfast today after one of the main attendees, God, failed to turn up on time. Politicians, religious leaders and assorted deities milled about not knowing what to do until President Biden asked Hindu god Brahma to open proceedings. Vice President Harris – who was also in attendance – said God finally appeared towards the end of the event.

“He tried slipping quietly into the back of the room like he was there all along. We all knew but pretended not to notice.”

After realizing everyone knew he was not there at the beginning to kickstart the event, God tried to suggest it was because he was waiting on the results of a COVID test following a close contact. But it was clear to everyone he was making excuses so he decided to come clean.

“Sorry guys. The truth is I was up late playing an unlimited WORDLE clone and forgot to set my alarm.”

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