So Embarrassing! Julian Assange’s Poetry Included In Vault 7 Leak By Mistake

WikiLeaks ‘Vault 7’ release of documents may be embarrassing for the CIA, but it’s also proving hugely embarrassing for Julian Assange, whose attempts at poetry were include in the dump by mistake!

The American and the Swedes couldn’t bring him down but these just might, though we think they’re not all that bad…

    Thanks for the Sandwiches

Thanks for the sandwiches, Pam

I liked you in Baywatch

Now you bring me sandwiches

So I like you even more

Assange, who has sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the London for over four years now, also penned this tender reflection on the country that is protecting him.

    The Sun

You don’t get much sun

Holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy

It’s ironic because

When i think of Ecuador

I picture it being sunny

Maybe I’m wrong

They could be in the shade

Just like me

Except for the shocking white mop

He’s not above a bit of humor either.



When my bladder’s full

I say ‘I need to take a leak’

It’s funny how 

Everyone assumes

I mean bring down a government

Well I will, later

But in this instance

I just meant

I have to pee

There may be more, so be sure to go through every document carefully. Happy reading!

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