Environmentalists Urge Trump To Think Of Future Generations And Iggy Pop

Supporters of the Paris Accord to mitigate climate change are taking a different tactic in an effort to overcome President Trump’s declared opposition to the landmark agreement.

Taking note of French President Macron’s approach of trying to engage with Trump, they are toning down their attacks in favor of a softer approach.

“We want President Trump to consider how the actions he takes right now will affect people around long after we are gone, such his great-great-grandchildren and Iggy Pop.”

They argue it is wrong to saddle future generations with crippling costs that will chew up all their hard-earned savings and ongoing royalties from ‘Lust for Life’ in the name of short-term corporate profiteering.

“One hundred years from now, we want our descendants and Iggy Pop to be able to look back and say we did right by them.”

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