Etiquette Experts Commend White House For Making Politeness A Priority

(Burlington, VT) The Emily Post Institute today singled out the White House and the Trump administration for praise, saying its renewed commitment to politeness is most welcome. People visiting and working in the White House were given plaudits by etiquette experts for their sudden interest in social graces.

“From everything we’ve seen and heard, these previously coarse people are now a shining example of proper behavior.”

Their praise follows recent reports of a veritable outbreak of good manners at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I’ve never heard so much use of the phrase “pardon me’ in my life – it’s very refreshing!”

If anything, they say the newfound interest in deference goes a shade too far.

“There are instance of multiple advisors to the President saying ‘Pardon me’ only for others to say ‘No, pardon me!” and on and on – like good manners on a loop!”

They are particularly impressed by the President’s children, who routinely beg their father’s pardon in stark contrast to current norms. The renowned institute has issued an open invitation to any and all members of the Trump administration to come and further their learning.

“We look forward to teaching them the correct way to say I’m sorry.”


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