Facebook Changes Corporate Name To MetaBS

(Menlo Park, CA) Social media titan Facebook has announced its expected corporate name change which is being made to better reflect the nature and ambitions of the company. Founder Mark Zuckerberg said he was pleased to announce that his company will now be know as MetaBS. Zuckerberg promised, however, that the name change does not mean Facebook is going away.

“We’re only changing the name, and not the core identity as a social media platform full of hate, misogyny, and lethal misinformation. We would never change that. In fact this new name is an expression of our desire to generate even more!”

Zuckerberg says he understands people’s concern that he might alter the platform they know and love for being the rotten underbelly of humankind’s so-called civilization, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“I get it – you fall in love with something because it feeds your worst impulses with non-stop memes and conspiracy theories designed to make you hate the ‘other’. Then I come along and say I’m going to change it. But I’m only changing the name to MetaBS. Nothing more. You have my word!”

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