Facebook Upholds Ban On Russian Troll Account

(Menlo Park, CA) Facebook has announced that its oversight committee has upheld a ban on a Russia-controlled account that had amassed a huge following. The company said it was determined not to become a tool for the Kremlin to foment hatred and divisiveness in the United States.

“That is why we are upholding the ban on its biggest troll account.”

The account in question was used to aggressively push anti-American propaganda and was believed to be run at the personal behest of Vladimir Putin. They say even a cursory review of its posts proved it was not the account of a genuine human being.

“You could tell from the poor diction, frequent misspelling, and absence of any clear lines of thought that this was an AI bot – a petty, stupid, racist AI bot.”

Unfortunately the bot has spawned many smaller bots over the past four years, and the company says it may be impossible to completely eradicate them. Instead they are urging their users to educate themselves in how to recognize and avoid them.

“Signs to watch out for are desecration of the US flag by wearing it inappropriately, and frequent penile compensation through the needless display of firearms.”

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