Factcheckers For Trump’s Immigration Address Undergo Final Physical Exam

A team of factcheckers assigned to cover President Trump’s national address on Tuesday underwent final medical examinations today according to the major networks. A spokesperson for National Association of Factcheckers said this was crucial to ensure maximum safety.

“Given the extreme workloads these factcheckers will be subjected to, we cannot allow any of them to proceed without passing a full physical evaluation.”

Medical staff from NASA on furlough volunteered to preform the tests to ensure the factcheckers would be up to the extreme environment of coping with the President’s unreality.

“It’s so easy to get disoriented and lose your mind. Then there’s the risk of cramp and carpel tunnel syndrome when trying to document Trump’s lies as fast as he can recite them.”

In case any of them fall ill beforehand or collapse during the mission, a backup crew of factcheckers will be on standby.

“The lessons of the Apollo missions have served us well.”

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  1. Pace yourselves folks. Warm up with some of his tweets first to avoid a groin pull.

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