FBI To Let Trump Play MacGyver During Their Next Active Shooter Incident

Saying they wanted to give the President the opportunity to back up his tough words with deeds, the FBI promised to let him go in first the next time they are dealing with an active shooter inside a building.

“We’ll hold back so you can go in and fix things using some duct tape and whatever you find in the janitor’s closet.”

They are doing this because they know he must be suffering over not being there to risk life and limb during recent tragic events.

“It must be really painful to feel so passionately, yet not be able to do anything because you weren’t in Vietnam – we mean Florida.”

They say they’ll be right behind him, but promise not to interfere while he MacGyver’s the situation like the brave man he obviously is.

“We suggest distracting the shooter with your hair-flap first, then taking him out with your improvised weaponry.”

2 Comments on "FBI To Let Trump Play MacGyver During Their Next Active Shooter Incident"

  1. Washington, D.C. being Washington, there should be several occasions coming up before too long. But maybe he should have the chance to start off light, like being a park ranger for half an hour at the Vietnam Memorial, dealing with tourists and kids.

  2. That’s a plan that’s just about perfect.
    Of course, any time there’s an active shooter, it’s a terrible situation.
    But the FBI is right to let the Prez do his thing. Kind of like “if you talk the talk, OK, we will let you walk the walk”.
    We know you can handle it, Mr. Prez — cause you said so. Wooo ha. Go get ’em, big Don T !!!

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