FBI Says Letter Block ‘Genius’ Took Daycare Entrance Exams For Hollywood Elite’s Toddlers

As news of the college bribery scandal ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ spreads, details are emerging of just how far Hollywood’s rich and famous will go to ensure their children get accepted into the nations top colleges, schools, and daycares.

“They know that getting in to the right daycare and making those powerful connections early on can set you up for life.”

Sources say another FBI investigation, codenamed Operation Baby Blues, is about to make the current college scandal look like child’s play.

“They are holding a ‘ringer’ who can do things with letter blocks that would amaze you, and, more importantly, impress the elite daycare gatekeepers.”

Parents wanting to cheat the system reportedly paid the turncoat toddler hundred of thousands of dollars, or some candy, to pose as their own child when taking entrance exams.

“He is said to be able to make your kid look as smart as you want, by spelling words like ‘cat’ or ‘felus catus domesticus’, though that costs extra”

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  1. I’m assuming this was to be a 4-6 year scam, that is, after getting into a top university the next step would be staying in school and eventually graduating. Next time they might want to consider hiring a tutor for high school and the SAT tests.

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