Federal Coronavirus Effort Renamed The “COVID-19 Reponse Brought To You By My Pillow”

President Trump has announced that the federal effort being carried out by his coronvirus task force will now be known as the “COVID-19 Response Brought To You By My Pillow”. This follows a hugely informative appearance at a press briefing by My Pillow CEO Michael J. Lindell,  who gave a detailed explanation how God had installed the President in 2016 precisely to combat the deadly virus. Trump said it was important people understand what was going on.

“Some other President would bore you by filling up a press conference like this with dull scientists and epidemiologists, but not me.”

Trump added that, as part of his continued sponsorship of the fight against the virus, Lindell would be making further appearances to highlight the importance of a getting a good night’s rest on a quality pillow to keep your immune system strong.

“Don’t worry about the briefings running longer because I’ve already directed Dr. Fauci to yield most of his time at the podium to Mike.”

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