Female GOP Senators Challenge Texas Congressman To Anything Involving Exercise

Blake Farenthold, a Republican Congressman from Texas, is making headlines after saying it’s ‘absolutely repugnant’ that ‘some female senators from the Northeast’ were able to stall GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare.

Farenthold went on to declare that if they had been ‘guys from South Texas’ he would have asked them to step outside to settle this with a duel ‘Aaron Burr-style’.

The female senators referred to, only one of whom is actually from the Northeast, eschewed Farenthold’s sexist non-offer of a duel as it would be against the law.

But they said they would be more than happy to settle this outdoors in a legal contest.

“Anything you propose involving physical exercise we will gladly accede to, Blake.”

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1 Comment on "Female GOP Senators Challenge Texas Congressman To Anything Involving Exercise"

  1. Another totally embarrassing Texas politician. Sad!

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