Fetal Yoda Craze Sweeps United States

At stores across the nation, there are stampedes to grab whatever Fetal Yoda merchandise is available, as manufacturers struggle to keep up with public demand. Though preceded by Baby Yoda, Fetal Yoda has rapidly replaced the non-gestating version of green humanoid in the popular imagination.

“Baby Yoda is so yesterday’s news.”

Stores report Baby Yoda items sitting on the shelf, as eager consumers demand to know when the latest Fetal Yoda merch will arrive. Meanwhile regular Yoda toys are being buried in a Texas landfill on top of Atari ET game cartridges.

“I literally can’t give away a talking adult Yoda doll now.”

The craze may be short-lived, however, as IP owner Disney has hinted at something else coming down the pipeline.

“Look out for Sperm and Egg Yoda coming this Summer.”

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