Fired CIA Dog Objects To Being Described As Lazy And Stupid

A CIA dog in the agency’s bomb unit has been dismissed for being ‘uninterested’ and ‘just not caring’ about the work. The fired animal, called Lulu, is unhappy about the manner in which she was let go and is currently exploring legal remedies.

“They make it sound like I’m only good for licking my own genitals. I am good at that, but I’m good at many other things too.”

Lulu objects to the characterizations, which she says also include being called ‘stupid’.

“I’ll tell you what’s stupid. Sniffing explosives!”

The black labrador was happy at the CIA initially, until she realized the true nature of her job – which she had assumed would consist of tracking down dead bodies based on an item of clothing.

“I’d even be okay with tracking down dangerous serial killers. I can handle myself. Unless it’s a freaking BOMB!”

Once she expressed her dissatisfaction, Lulu says the CIA could have found her another role, but in an act of canine discrimination they didn’t even try.

“They could have teamed me up with someone who was legally blind. I would have had to be retrained but I would have been up for that. Instead they just abandon me!”

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