Football To Return With Social Distancing Enforced On Field

NFL BRIEF: Insisting he wasn’t going to mess this up like he did with the kneeling protests first time around, Roger Goodell said fans need to understand the games will look a little different from what they are used to this season in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I plan to do everything right this time – no half measures.”

That, Goodell explained, means implementing social distancing at all times, including on the field with a six foot separation between players ruthlessly enforced.

“Be prepared for a whole lot of points racked up on kickoff returns.”

Quarterbacks as a whole were fully supportive of the new rules, with Big Ben saying they should be incorporated into the regular game in future seasons as well.

“No-one likes to be sacked, so knowing the opposition can’t come within arm’s reach of me even if the pocket collapses is a great innovation.”

Wide receivers also said the rule change will change how they approach the season. Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster plans to completely overhaul his game.

“Instead of tiring myself out running complex routes, I plan to saunter casually down to the end zone and let Ben float the ball directly to me.”

With every down virtually guaranteed to result in a touchdown, the game will come down to avoiding errors in set plays, according to the Post-Gazzette’s Ed Bouchette.

“I wouldn’t want to be Chris Boswell this season, that’s for sure.”

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