Forecasters Warn Dangerous Mass Of Hot Air Will Hit Pittsburgh On Wednesday

Local forecasters have alerted Pittsburgh residents that a very unpleasant formation will arrive in the region on Wednesday, sometime around midday.

“Be prepared for high gusts of wind that leave you angry and exhausted.”

They urge people to prepare themselves, and that the resulting devastation will not be easily fixed.

“Sadly the damage caused by this type of weather event to the psyche and the justice system is long lasting.”

Despite hopes the formation would dissipate, the latest predictions are that it will arrive on time, causing massive local disruption.

“Those in or near downtown are advised to cover up – especially their eyes and ears.”

9 Comments on "Forecasters Warn Dangerous Mass Of Hot Air Will Hit Pittsburgh On Wednesday"

  1. Not funny at all!!! Such disrespect for the POTUS😠

  2. So sad! I was raised to love God, be a proud American, stand for the Pledge of Allegiance with my hand over my heart and respect thePresident of The United States of America. What happened to all the loyalty we knew when we were young? Makes me sick

  3. Typical liberal hatred. That is why I switched from being a democrat of 50 + years to being a Republican !
    They lie and cheat as much or more than they accuse Trump of doing. But it is so sneaky the average Joe does not notice !

  4. Michael malanga | October 23, 2019 at 8:53 am | Reply

    the liberals are just do stupid ! Well you just better get ready for 4 more years ! Libtards !

  5. Yeah, he’s opened the coal mines, opened new steel mills, gotten rid of North Korea’s nukes, made a great trade deal with China, reduced the national debt and supported the Constitution. Oh, wait! That’s what he promised. Your kids and grandkids will be cursing you for the debt and terrorists this generation will leave them. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid supplied by King Trump. My friend was right, there are a lot of very stupid people in this country.

    • Trump could rescue minority children from burning buildings and the liberals would find something wrong with that !

  6. Patty Poloskey | October 22, 2019 at 11:16 pm | Reply

    Whoever wrote this has had a totally disgusting brain fart!! Your insinuations are insulting to intelligent people. Your President has done more good for our great country in 21/2 years than any President in history. I pity this writer’s ignorance!!

  7. Open your eyes Wall-Nut. They’re stupid enough to be admitting to the charges on live tv now.

  8. Stick with Russian collusion SNOWFLAKE!

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