Former Google Employee Hired To Direct White House Anti-Nazi Policy

After taking only three days to come to the conclusion that murderous White Supremacy movements are bad, President Trump has announced the formation of a White House Diversity and Anti-Nazi Commission to show he means business. With everyone in the Administration already far too busy with other things to possibly head it, Steve Bannon was charged with conducting the search for someone to fill the position.

“I’m happy to say I found someone really smart for the job. I know he’s smart because his last employer was Google.”

The former tech worker was brought in to interview by Bannon and was a huge hit with everyone.

“He really clicked with all of us. We’re very lucky Google let him go over some incident involving a memo.”

Though the Trump administration is keen for their new hire to start directing White House policy on diversity and neo-Nazism straight away, he’s asked to delay his start date by a week.

“He wants to help organize some events involving his former employer this weekend. I didn’t want to risk losing a candidate of this calibre, so of course I said yes.”

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