Former President Denies Any Knowledge Of The Trump Organization

(Mar-a-Lago, FL) Former President Donald Trump has responded forcefully to news that indictments have been handed down against the Trump Organization and its senior officers. Speaking to reporters, Trump unequivocally denied any connection to the organization.

“In fact I’ve never even heard of it until today.”

He further denied having any relationship with anyone involved with the organization, including a number of people sharing his fairly uncommon surname.

“I don’t know anyone called Don, Jr., Eric, or Ivanka. But I do know a Tiffany and a Barron – maybe.”

The incident is being compared to a previous one in which someone who looks like Trump and speaks like Trump was taped speaking in vulgar terms to Billy Bush, even though the exchange was nothing to do with the then Apprentice star.

“It’s like when that guy pretended to be me on January 6th earlier this year. It just never stops!”

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