Former President Unveils Groundbreaking New Social Media Platform Called A Blog

(Mar-a-Lago) After teasing that he would be introducing a brand new social media platform to get his message out after being permanently banned from twitter and Facebook for managing to flout even their low standards, former President Trump has lived up to that promise with a revolutionary new communications paradigm just launched. Technology experts and SM influencers said its potential impact cannot be overstated.

“Be prepared for the new technology of ‘blogging’ to change the world!”

As always with this dynamic force of nature, Trump’s surprise delighted his supporters with its groundbreaking innovation that reflects all the hard work he put into it.

“All you have to do in navigate to a ‘website’ using a ‘browser’, and his ‘entries’ magically appear one after another on the ‘blog’. Amazing!”

Those who have been lucky enough to experience the new platform first hand report that there’s even more to it than this legendary modest President has revealed thus far.

“When you sign up to his ‘blog’ he uses a ‘digital address’ you provide to solicit money from you by sending you ‘newsletters’ without using any real paper! Is there nothing this great man cannot do?”

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