Fossil Fuel Industry Withholds Campaign Donation To Joe Manchin Over Concerns He’ll Blow It All On Drugs

CAPITOL BRIEF: Leading figures in the coal and gas industries that have donated generously to Manchin’s political campaigns over the years said today they will be holding future contributions over concerns about how they would be used.

“He’ll just spend it on drugs instead of what it was intended for.”

Despite withdrawing Manchin’s funding, they still expect the West Virginia Senator to continue to win re-election to the Senate and tirelessly represent their interests.

“Joe will just have the find a way to do it without our financial assistance going forward. If he doesn’t succeed that just means he’s lazy.”

In a further setback, President Biden announced that Manchin will also no longer be receiving a federal paycheck for his work as a U.S. Senator.

“Since he’s obviously just going to use it to buy smack on the streets of Charleston, we might as well keep that money to spend on something more worthwhile.”

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