Fox News Devastated By Trump’s Call For A Propaganda Channel “It’s like we don’t exist”

President Trump has repeated his call for a state-run TV channel pumping out his message, to counter what he describes as the Fake News put out by CNN. While many argue that would be harmful to democracy, the first victim appears to be Fox News, whose stars and executives were in tears today.

“It’s like we don’t even exist.”

Assurances that this would be a special channel focused exclusively on spreading Trump’s lies only made things worse with Sean Hannity described as being ‘inconsolable’.

“Why are you twisting the knife like this, Mister President?”

The whole affair has left the editorial staff at Fox News wondering where they could have gone wrong.

“We can’t find anything. Not a single damn thing!”

3 Comments on "Fox News Devastated By Trump’s Call For A Propaganda Channel “It’s like we don’t exist”"

  1. Newsflash for you, D’lusions:

    Trumps supporters are idiots.

    For supporting the bloody first place

  2. Michel Dumas 3rd | March 5, 2019 at 11:31 pm | Reply

    Fox is a right wing propaganda tool dividing Americans, spewing hate and destroying democracy. This network does not give a damn about the Unitef States, their only concern is to insure the position of the ultra rich, they average tax payer be damn.

  3. It’s all Shepherd Smith’s fault! … Him and that c**t Ann Coulter for calling Trump’s followers all “idiots” after he “caved on the Wall” following the government shutdown. Only one word left for the Fox & Friends…. SNOWFLAKES!

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