FOX News Promises To Air Comprehensive Impeachment Trial Coverage

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Rejecting criticism that it would shy away from the topic of impeachment, FOX News has said it intends to provide more impeachment-trial-related coverage than any other network.

“In fact we are going to show nothing else for the forseeable future.”

The ‘Fair and Balanced’ network insists it will provide the most unbiased assentments you have ever seen when it comes to the subject of impeachment of a sitting President.

“All we know at this point is that the blue dress may be relevant.”

FOX News execs said it is ultimately up for everyone to come to their own independent conclusions, with the cable news channel merely the conveyor of the relevant facts.

“Whether the biggest enemy of the United States is Bill or Hillary is for the American people to decide, not us.”

Younger viewers who find the coverage looking blurry and in a strange 4:3 aspect ratio are being told that’s just how it is.

“It’s something called Standard Definition. Don’t worry about it just watch.”

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