Florida Timeshare Company to Sponsor Free Rides on North Shore Connector

Take the North Shore Connector to your sunny home from home!

The Port Authority has announced that the free ride zone will continue to include trips to the North Shore on the infamous Connector, as a last minute sponsor – Florida timeshare company ‘Gulf Vacations’ – has agreed to underwrite it. Obviously merely being granted advertising space in the railcars was not sufficient enticement, so instead representatives from the timeshare Goliath will be located in each railcar conducting presentations on how riders can avail themselves of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spends two weeks out of every year in Naples, Florida, or any number of other attractive properties throughout the sunshine state.

Gulf Vacations founder and CEO Edward Neal Gulf explains why Pittsburgh is such a great place to launch this unusual venture:

“Because your weather blows.”

The railcars will be retrofitted with a classroom-type layout to allow everyone to sit back and listen to how, for the modest sum of $18,000 exclusive of property taxes and annual maintenance payments, they can have a place in Florida to call their very own for just under one twenty-fifth of the year.

To accommodate the length of the presentation, the duration of the journey will be extended slightly, from its current two minutes to about twenty. Also, the company has been guaranteed a minimum signup rate in return for providing free transportation. If people are not signing up, company representatives are allowed to delay opening the doors at the North Shore station for up to one hour.

 “We figure this will not be an issue on game days, when an impatient crowd of sports fans will provide the necessary encouragement for some young couple to step forward and make the investment of a lifetime.”

Local hire Sandy Baumgarner can’t wait to get started. She’s originally from Fort Lauderdale, so she knows Florida, but, just as importantly, she knows Pittsburgh. When the company got cold feet a few weeks back, she convinced them that anyone going to a Steeler game obviously has cash to throw around as they don’t come cheap. Therefore, if you’re wearing black and gold, Sandy won’t accept lack of money as an excuse to avoid purchasing two weeks in a beachfront resort.

“If that’s all you’ve got, I’m selling you a timeshare.”

Take the North Shore Connector to your sunny home from home!

Take the North Shore Connector to your sunny home from home!

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