Gamemaker Ubisoft Releases ‘Brexit Dawn’ Edition Of Title Assassin’s Creed

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[Rennes, France] French multinational video game developer and publisher Ubisoft has announced a special edition of its flagship video game title is being released based on the UK referendum on membership of the European Union and the fallout following the vote to leave. Assassin’s Creed V: Brexit Dawn, as it is know, is not a radical departure according to developers, even if it seems an unusual choice at first.

“Traditionally our games have focused on periods of intense danger, recklessness at the highest levels of power, and meticulous calculation by ruthless individuals only interested in self promotion – so the current state of UK politics was a natural fit.”

The gameplay has been praised for being highly complex involving countless twists and turns. It has been lauded as a landmark achievement considering it developed in record time – but it was not as difficult as it sounds according to those behind it.

“Normally we spend up to a year sketching out the intrigue, betrayal and general bloodletting that makes for an immersive and exciting gaming environment. But for Brexit Dawn we simply watched the news and copied it pretty much as is. Took no time really.”

The thrilling game allows players to choose from a wide variety of stubborn self serving characters who attempt to topple each other without moral constraint. In later scenes, if you advance that far (TIP: don’t pick Jeremy Corbyn) you get to play Michael Gove as he tracks down Boris Johnson in his lair, decapitates him, then defecates in his mouth while Johnson still has enough awareness to know what is happening to him.

“Obviously we had to tone down the violence and brutality compared to reality just to get a rating.”

Enthusiasts are advised to rush out and buy a copy of Assassin’s Creed: Brexit Dawn tomorrow morning, as it will probably be outdated and therefore withdrawn from circulation by the afternoon.

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  1. Not a bad game.
    I’m waiting for a movie as well

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