Getting Stuck Between Two Buildings The Hot New Romantic Trend In Pittsburgh

Though it may not be the first city that comes to mind when love is mentioned, Pittsburgh has its share of romantics who know how to work with what’s available.

“You can take your date to the North Shore and drape them over the outsized arms of the most terrifying statue of Mister Rogers imaginable, or, if in Oakland, get yourself stuck between two buildings as a demonstration of your love.”

The Steel City may not have an Eiffel Tower like Paris, but there are plenty of local attractions that are tailor made for insane gestures of foolhardy love, all with the potential to recklessly incorporate emergency services into a night out with that special someone.

“You can go to the West End overlook and tumble down the side of Mount Washington, or scale the Cathedral of Learning.”

And unlike in Paris where love locks are no longer permitted, Pittsburgh still permits smitten couples to express their joy in the language of Schlage and Scherer on a bridge.

“Jumping off bridges to profess your love is not recommended, however. That should be reserved for honoring Harambe the Gorilla.”

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