God Asks CDC How To Respond To Pence’s Requests For Help With Coronavirus

In order to dispel any notions that he is not being heplful, God said today he has been passing Mike Pence’s repeated requests for help with the coronavirus outbreak on to the Centers for Disease Control by leaving messages on their hotline.

“Really it would be much easier if he contacted you directly, or maybe one of you guys should be in charge.”

He was said to be particularly annoyed as he already did a lot of groundwork and feels he is being made to do the same thing over again.

“I created all these scientists and medical experts to handle these things yet I’m supposed to start over like it’s the Middle Ages?”

The Almighty admitted he has also been doing some praying himself recently.

“I’ve wished for my counterpart to take hold of Mike Pence’s soul on more than one occasion.”

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