God The Latest Investor To Pull Out Of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Theme Park

Image credit: 'ArkEncounter.jpg' by Jameywiki via Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0.

(Grant County, KY) In what may be the final nail in the coffin of the biblical theme park Ark Encounter, the second largest investor after the State of Kentucky, God, has pulled out of the project. Analysts said this represents a devastating blow for the creator of the park, Ken Ham.

“If anyone had a vested interest in this succeeding beyond the raw financials it was God, but there comes a point when your business brain tells you to just walk away.”

The theme park, the centerpiece of which is a giant replica of Noah’s Ark, has failed to attract enough visitors or stimulate the local economy sufficiently. A source close to God revealed some of the reasons the deity called it quits.

“God was disappointed to learn wasn’t designed to float so it could have been moved to different locations, and also felt a better job could have been done with merchandizing given the huge potential for stuffed animal toys.”

God has reportedly invested instead in Florida theme park ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’, which is paying off handsomely.

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90 Comments on "God The Latest Investor To Pull Out Of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Theme Park"

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  3. I always have a good laugh seeing and reading how Christians project their own fear and paranoia of their oh so loving genocidal maniac of a God onto others.. Do they really believe that non believers will be scared by this? Wow how ignorant…I wonder what makes Christians decide they want to go ignorant and delusional through life and reject reality? Reality and real documented history have clearly shown what a bunch of plagiarized fairy tales the bible really is… it is on par with the stories of the brothers Grimm or Andersen… believing in a God or Jesus is akin to believing in Rumpledkiltskin, in the end there is exactly the same amount of evidence for them… books of poorly written fairy tales.

    • True christians do not fear God in the way you are implying they do. Our fear is a humble reverence for the power and grace of the almighty. If we warn of the impending judgement of God, it is done out of love of our neighbor. Who wouldn’t warn the ones they love of impending danger ahead? … To call God a “genocidal maniac” is unreasonable and illogical. If God has created the whole of universe then even your life is not yours and God can do with it as he likes. Who would condemn the potter for destroying his own creations. And by labeling what has been done as bad you borrow from the morality of God. If God doesn’t exist, who determines that the killing of millions of human lives is immoral? … I’m curious about your plagiarism claim? I think I know of what you are claiming but the question is, do you or are you regurgitating failed claims? … Reality shows us there is uniformity in nature, uniformity in logic and uniformity in morality and this can only be true if the God of the bible exists. Ultimately the standards which you use to condemn God and the bible are proof the bible is true.

      • Keep up your delusion .. it is sad really how come people like you chose to go through life ignorant of reality believing the myths propagated and written as tools to control the people? In an age where real documented history clearly shows what sham your book is you still insist to stick your head into the sand.. what a waste of a life and a shame.

        • You are making same claims without further evidence to back it up. We could have a reasonable and logical discussion but it is impossible to do when you make claims without context or merit… To answer your question, I would ask the same thing. As a christian I don’t adhere to a religion but a specific and concrete worldview in which I use to make since of the world. As a former atheist and evolution believer, I realized my view of the world could not explain what really mattered nor was concrete in its foundation. My life was lead by my view and that is where God found me and rescued me from myself. My head was stuck in the sand when i rejected God for my own selfish, blind-faith beliefs. When my eyes were opened I realized what a close-minded view I had.

          • A convert – explains everything!

          • A Citizen…. The mafia leader said to the store owner……pray to me daily and you’ll be fine…don’t and you’ll burn in hell forever. The free loving god you worship….you can have him…he’s a sick twisted maniac. If you can’t see that by reading the old testament, then you sir don’t have an oz. of morals inside you. You are not better than your evil god who you claim watches over everyone….if that’s the case his sick twisted mind sits and watches children starve to death every day around the world. If you can’t see the evil of your beliefs…none of us can help you.

      • You do know this is satire, right? Kind of like your bible?

    • This is satire and you are projecting.

  4. Not sure how I stumbled on this. More interesting was the banter back and forth between opposing sides.
    Christians: understand that you are not going to change anyone’s mind by quoting scripture or threatening eternal damnation to the unbelievers. A better approach would be to use logic and reason (If any) and those quaint attributes of Love, Compassion and Undertanding that someone in the bible was so revered for.
    Athiests: denigrating and insulting someone’s beliefs only entrenched someone even further into their bunker. Instead of hurling insults and trolling them like you do, which can be fun; It’s much More fun to debate them on logic and facts and listen to what you get in response when you point out all the evil perpetrated in the name of religion or how Christianity even started and it’s shocking relationship to much older “religions” and parallels to current religions.
    But…it fulfills a need in these people and if it makes their existence on this earth a little more manageable; then they should have at it as long as it doesn’t infringe on my right to not participate in their lifestyle.
    We’ll all “find out” when we pass on.

    • It’s real hard for xtians to debate using logic or reason. I guess that’s what makes it so fun to banter with these folks. It just is. Your missive is well put though…

  5. Thrilled to hear that there are so many making return visits to the ark …… Confirms my belief that “there’s a sucker born every minute”……. And to think you could have blown that money on “Disneyland” (world) and actually had a good time and even learned something REAL (the presidents speak display)….

  6. I think Mr Ham should build, with his massive profits, a slavery park, a genocide, park, a park where you can kill your own kids (and eat them!), a Park where the youngest male in each party forfeits his life. I’ll be ok, I’ll go visit in my Iron Chariot.

  7. James Dawson | June 17, 2017 at 6:36 pm | Reply

    Dumb article. I was there at the Arch Encounter and there was plenty of people. This article is nothing more than wishful thinking among atheist who are confounded by the simplicity of Creation and the Great Food. Silly atheists. Jesus is Lord.

    • We love the Great Food and worship it frequently – especially Big Macs!

    • There was plenty of people there?
      Or there were plenty of people there?
      Hmmm. Let me guess. You’re probably one of those hicks that believe the dinosaurs were around during at the same time as man, or when the supposed ark was built. Am I right?
      This is by far the biggest scam anyone could perpetrate on you real Christian folk. Just say God told me this or that or to build this or that and you’ll give them every penny you have, all the while they go laughing to the bank. What a bunch of inbred idiots.

    • James…an arch is something totally different from an ark. Do you not know this? Or did they not teach you that in your little bible studies?

    • So the Ark Encounter isn’t having financial difficulties? Ken Hamm says it is.

  8. Another typical example of why this country is in such bad shape. It’s time we put God first. And especially back in school. Stop listening to misleading media.

  9. All you atheist basket cases look in the mirror and leave not remembering what you saw, your living such a superficial meaningless existence. Wise up!

  10. The fool says there is no god.

  11. People have ignored and neglected gods commands before hence the ark.

  12. The ridiculous thing is failing because more and more young people are rejecting the Christian biblical myth. The sooner this cult belief dies out the better.

  13. Robert Cameron | June 17, 2017 at 9:20 am | Reply

    Are you saying that people have built a replica ARK in Kentucky as a tourist attraction? Only in America.

  14. Not good to be in rebellion against your Creator. You know you WILL die one day and face Him, right? Eternity is a looooong time.

  15. Darkness cannot drive out darkness ;only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only Love can do that. (MLK).
    “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32
    Thank you for your courage Ken Ham!!!

  16. Sheila Davis | June 16, 2017 at 7:40 pm | Reply

    We are going to The Ark with several friends and heard from several people what an awesome experience The Ark was… im not sure why you feel the need to speak for God, I find that sad! God speaks through His Word and uses men like Ken Hamm to show the truth!!! I can only say I feel bad for you that you feel the need to destroy something that brings joy to so many people!!! I’m looking so forward to my trip!! God Bless you sir but please don’t ever try to speak for God… that is offensive to say the least!

    • LMFAO But you so-called “Christians” (who never seem to know anything about the Christ they claim to follow) try to speak for god every single day…every single one of you. Better cover up honey, your hypocrisy is showing.

      • I would like to respond but you never qualified your claim that “so-called ‘christians’… Speak for God”.

  17. David Howell | June 16, 2017 at 7:32 pm | Reply

    The Ark Encounter has been tripling estimates of the amount of people to visit it since it’s inception!! The surrounding areas are booming as well!! Our Lord has blessed Ken Ham’s team and the project. Can’t wait to see the rest of the project when it’s built. You can’t always believe what you read!!!. Keep the faith

    • even I didn’t think ken was dumb enough to build it.

    • That’s a lie. Even Ham himself is calling you a liar, he admits that it’s failing. Lying for Jesus…so typical.

      • Can you give a quote from Ken Ham qualifying your claim that he said the Ark is failing? I’ve seen others make this claim but have yet to see where he has said is.

        • Sure!

          “The Ark is failing.” ~Ken Ham

          • A citizen | June 18, 2017 at 3:11 pm |

            Ha ha ha, that’s clever. I suppose i should have spoken more specifically and asked for the reference to the quote. Unfortunately for you, without a reference to your quote it proves my point that your claims are just wishful thinking.

  18. “The only people who want this to fail are those who want to believe but just can’t because they can’t comprehend anything outside of their stubborn heads.”

    Want to believe? Try again – and harder, Misty Landrum. Christians are the LAST ones who should calling others stubborn. I don’t want to believe? Try I CAN’T such a ludicrous and absurd story. I did for many years, but I came to my senses. 600 year old drunks building huge ships and putting what had to be MILLIONS of animals on it to protect them from a flood that covered the highest mountains. You’re defending that and WE’RE stubborn.

    Congrats on having one of the stupidest comments.

    • Beautifully put. I’ve tried to tell some of these folks that the truth is so much more beautiful than a fairy tale. Your missive should help that stubborn xtian see a real light. Thanks…

  19. Guido Sarducci | June 16, 2017 at 6:24 pm | Reply

    Why are there dinosaurs on his ark and why weren’t they mentioned in the Bible?

    • Careful, Father. Some of these folks might start catchin on!

    • The dinosaurs would have been on the ark because God brought Noah two of every kind of animal to live on the ark. Dinosaurs are mentioned in the bible. In Genesis when God created the land animals, dinosaurs would be included in that. Also in Job, God describes a land animal that closely resembles sauropod that he calls behemoth. But even if they weren’t mentioned specifically, what’s your point? Most animals aren’t mentioned.

      • His point is that dinosaurs didn’t exist during the age of humans. If your bible mentions (or even infers) dinosaurs then it’s already proven wrong…period.

        • How do you know that dinosaurs did not exist with humans? Darwin’s theory is a backwards inference on things that neither he, nor others, can scientifically test. Do you have eyewitness accounts to your claim? To believe in something that is unseen would be considered a faith… And if the bible mentions dinosaurs before their fossil discovery then how does that prove it wrong? Wouldn’t it be informing us of something in history that was lost and then proven right by its rediscovery?

  20. Everything I heard and seen for myself discredits everything you wrote. You better verify your sources.

  21. Worked there last summer. Big crowds then & more this year!

  22. Worked at the Ark last summer. Big time crowds & more this year.

  23. Just visited there last Monday.It’s just the opposite of your article. Bus loads after bus loads of people are enjoying this magnificent place. I absolutely loved it. The presence of the Lord was there especially at one of their video presentation by Ray Comfort. Would love to go visit it again.

    • Debi: You do know that you will be punished for lying, right? It’s a sin. The ark park is in a financial freefall because no one is coming. So your claim about busloads is clearly a lie.

      • Financial freefall? Im curious how you know that? Are you lying to make your point? The hotel occupancy rate in N. KY after the ark opened has been a steady 98%. So obviously people are going which goes against your claim. Also during peak times the buses are fully loaded. The group bookings have been so large that the Ark had to change the dining area to accommodate. So again, I’m curious about your claim? A lie?

      • It’s all alternative.

      • Judith have you been to the ark? if not how do you know the ark is in financial failure? how do you know how many busses come? earlier this wks there were 22. I know because I work there.

  24. I just can’t let this go…

    All of you xtians keep adamantly claiming that if people don’t believe in your god, or jesus, never mind a FACT based theory, then those non-“believers” will wrought in this lake of fire and brimstone. A pure threat, of which, no one really knows. Happens all day long in every municipality in this country. Yet, I’ve NEVER had a satanist approach me with threats if I don’t “believe” in their devil. Only loving xtians threaten me if I don’t “believe” in their god spoken about in a book. Not a laboratory. No. A fucking book. That’s pure insanity.

    • They threaten eternal torment because they have no idea about their own “faith”. If they did, they wouldn’t still be Christians. That’s why they’re always so easy to debate and why it’s now common knowledge that most atheists know more about Christianity and the bible then most Christians do.

  25. Misty Landrum | June 16, 2017 at 9:24 am | Reply

    The only people who want this to fail are those who want to believe but just can’t because they can’t comprehend anything outside of their stubborn heads. They are afraid that there is truth to it and since they can not find it in their hearts to believe they want to push everyone else to believe like them so they don’t go down in their boat alone. Like the saying goes misery loves company! I love God our creator!! The person who wrote this article will answer one day for mocking his name! I love the Ark and can’t wait to go back!

  26. John 8:32 just read it..Jesus is the only way…study the scriptures for real you will find purpose for your life..

  27. Harry Potter > The Bible

  28. This is hilarious! I loved the article myself. It’s even more hilarious when one of these xtian’s comments refers to the piece as “fiction.” Never mind the vile Bible, christianity or any other religion. No. This article right here is fiction. That’s funny shit right there! Any single one of you freaks can ask any business owner in the entire of Grant County, and they will tell you, “Business sucks….. Still.” Y’all should emancipate yourselves from the shackles of religion. More truth and beauty will come to you that way. All religions are a big fucking fantasy. Stop acting like children, and live for the one most worth living for. Yourself….

    • Actually your claim that “business sucks”, “ask any business owner in the entire of Grant County” is incorrect. Dry ridge is in Grant County and it is booming. They are building two more hotels because the hotel occupancy rate has sky-rocketed is 98%. Not to mention the additional restaurants that are now opening. The LaRosas there had to expand there dining area to accommodate the increase of visitors. They even built a room dedicated to the Ark. Also Answers in Genesis won an award earlier this year for its part in increasing tourism across all of N. KY.

      • Yes, but williamstown is going bankrupt. The corupt government there wont invest in anything to come in to bring money into our city. They have to go 4 miles north for anything. The old leaders of williamstown are afraid of change and thing anything new will bring in drugs and prostitutes. They’re already here.

  29. If you don’t believe about the Ark, then you may not believe the claims of Christ, and, oops, there goes your salvation. Please come to your senses. Eternity is an awfully long time to have to think about that!

  30. Evil people are always trying to wipe out anything to do with God.

  31. Jerrie Pellegrino | June 16, 2017 at 6:53 am | Reply

    Satan is always trying to counterfeit Jehovah (yaweh), God, especially. With witchcraft, like Harry Potter series, but God wins the final battle, read The Book of Revelations. It is all there. Data is cast into fiery pit forever! Praise. God!

  32. Breaking Burgh…You just posted a false article. Im sure it took some immature pencil pusher two minutes to come up with this. Your site needs to be removed for producing such fiction. You owe anyone that reads this an apology for reprinting lies. I am there everyday, and nobody speaks for God. If you did your homework you’d find out that its actually opposite of what your fiction says…your articles must all be fiction and there is no truth in this one. And by the way, thats an old pic..but its just what you wanted Im sure. You should come visit the Ark Encounter. At least see what your lying about.

  33. THUS SAYS THE LORD | June 16, 2017 at 2:08 am | Reply

    Will Not Fail!

  34. God Always Win!

  35. stupid article

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