God Taking News Of Possible Alien Megastructure Pretty Badly

God Unhappy To Learn Aliens Might Exist

Astronomers say they may have discovered an ‘Alien Megastructure’ surrounding a distant star exhibiting highly unusual light fluctuations. The possibility that we are not alone in the Universe is exciting to many, though there is one person who is definitely not happy at the news – God.

“I guess I just assumed I was the only omnipotent force capable of creating life and meaning. So much for that.”

The sudden realization that he may not be unique is hitting God pretty hard, according to his son Jesus, who also happens to be God.

“There are probably lots of Gods out there creating living beings, including ones that can build stellar megastructures. The living beings we created just fight all the time and obsess over Kim Kardashian. It’s embarrassing, frankly.”

Currently, God is wondering whether he should wipe out life on Earth and all start over again on Mars.

“I’d like to come up with something less humiliating before I meet my divine peers.”

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  1. I am still not clear about our Earth God’s the radius of omnipotence. Is He God of the entire Solar System? Did He make the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, and those nitrogen-ice convection cells we recently photographed on little Pluto? Or maybe he rules over our entire Milky Way galaxy? I want more information!

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