GOP Demands Congressional Hearing Be Held Into Disastrous Congressional Hearing

The GOP today demanded that an in-depth Congressional Hearing be held to investigate the human tragedy that was the Benghazi Congressional Hearing, no matter what the cost.

“A horrific incident such as what transpired in Washington yesterday cannot be allowed to happen without a full Congressional Hearing.”

While many thought the questioning was too obviously partisan, making it easy for Clinton to fend off her enemies, Republican hardliners say the questioning was actually too restrained.

“Asking if she spent the night alone was not nearly enough. We demand to know every detail of how she spent that night alone. What kind of nightie was she wearing – if one at all?”

The Clinton campaign for their part said it was almost, but not quite, a complete waste of time and taxpayer money.

“Hillary did get to try out some new non-verbal power expressions – such as the bemused hand to cheek – that she plans to deploy against the Russian President once she’s in office. Obviously Putin will be a more formidable opponent. Much much much much much much much much much much more formidable.”

One thing that is for certain, say outraged Republicans, is Benghazi will not be forgotten anytime soon.

“Thanks to our efforts, Benghazi will be forever remembered as an utterly tragic event when Trey Gowdy and so many others regrettably lost their political lives.”

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