GOP Officials Begin Recount Of ‘Stolen’ 1932 Election

At townhalls and indoor arenas in more than 20 states, local GOP party officials today began their recount of the results of the 1932 election that propelled Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the White House in a landslide victory over incumbent Herbert Hoover. Republicans leading the effort said they were not prepared to stand idly by in the face of the ‘Big Lie’.

“Who wins 42 states? It’s unheard of! Obviously this election was shamelessly stolen by FDR.”

They point to the fact that there are no FDR signs in people’s yards anymore, which they say is ‘clear proof’ that the election was rigged.

“If they loved FDR so much why are they not still wearing his campaign pins just like I’ve done with my Herbert Hoover Badge every day since I was born in 1982?”

Many just flatly refuse to acknowledge that Roosevelt won, which they say will be proven once the recounts overturn the results in the 20+ states that would be needed to change the outcome.

“FDR was not my President during the Depression and World War II both of which he managed terribly by the way! #StopTheSTEAL!”

Some political observers expressed surprise that Republicans were initiating a recount so longer after the election, but advocates say it’s all the fault of Hoover’s Vice President who could have put a stop to the fraud and rendered the recounts unnecessary.

“Charles Curtis could have easily sorted this out by rejecting the phony electors and returning the matter to the state legislatures, but instead he kowtowed to the left. For Shame!”

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