GOP Realizes It’s Become A Haven Of Deranged Lunatics, Abruptly Disbands

Leading members of the Republican establishment admitted today they have no idea what happened over the last few years, as they collectively came to the sudden realization that the party of Lincoln now had people like Marjorie Tailor Greene as its face.

“Obviously we will be disbanding immediately.”

Formerly sane senators said they didn’t know what came over them, including Lindsay Graham – previously a rational politician and close colleague of the late John McCain – who said he is shocked by footage of him foaming at the mouth during the Kanavaugh hearings.

“I have the same political affiliation as Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz! Best to start over I guess.”

Other formerly serious-minded conservatives likewise said they must have been in some kind of trance since at least 2014. Mitch McConnell formally made the decision for the 167-year-old political organization to call it quits.

“I know I and my party have a reputation of being meanies, but a GOP with Lauren Boebart in it? Time to die.”

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