Grumpy Cat’s Career In Freefall After Cognitive Therapy Proves Wildly Successful

Grumpy no more.

Internet celebrity Grumpy Cat has revealed in an interview with Hello Magazine that her efforts to improve her mood have resulted in her earning ability disappearing almost overnight.

“No-one returns my calls anymore. No-one.”

Though her perpetual foul mood brought her great wealth, there was a personal cost in terms of being so down all the time about everything, according to Grumpy Cat’s manager.

She just wanted to make her baseline state of mind a little less grumpy.”

Grumpy Cat explains in the long-form article how she enrolled in one of the nation’s top pet therapy programs, and started a course of cognitive therapy designed to help her block negative emotions and see the world in a more positive light.

“Unfortunately for my wallet it worked only too well!”

Though she has enough money to get by on for now, Grumpy Cat says she is losing sponsors ‘like flies’ as word spreads that she is not even able to fake a grumpy look anymore.

Sadly for Grumpy Cat, happy playful felines are a dime a dozen in this business.”

Despite her poor prospects, Grumpy Cat says she’s sure something will turn up.

I’m just too damn happy to be alive to worry about it.”

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