Handwriting Experts Back Stormy Daniels “A Tiny Hand Did Not Sign This Contract”

Note: may be photoshopped. Maybe.

The adult actress Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, is suing President Trump on the basis that a contract designed to silence her about their relationship was not signed by him. She alleges this renders ‘null-and-void’ any obligation on her to not discuss her previous involvement with Trump.

Trump is expected to argue that it cannot be proven that he, and not his lawyer Michael Cohen, physically signed the contract no matter what name was written. However Ms. Daniels’s case was greatly strengthened today when leading handwriting experts asked to review the document came down in her favor.

“A tiny hand did not sign this contract.”

They note the large sweeping capital letters indicate a very arrogant and dishonest character, but say that by itself doesn’t establish anything.

“Remember this is about choosing between President Trump and a lawyer.”

However other key graphological features reveal an absence of the compensatory traits a tiny insecure hand would use.

“This contract was clearly signed by a jerk, just not the one in the Oval Office.”

As further proof they point out that anger and violence displayed in the slant of the letters says less ‘I hate Mexicans and Obama’ and more ‘I’d better get this $130,000 back or I’ll go apeshit’.

Though the identity of Stormy Daniels is not being contested, they able pointed out the wobble of the other signature was also revealing.

“We can confirm that other signer to this contract was top heavy.”

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