Harvey Weinstein Kicking Himself For Not Getting Into Republican Politics

Disgraced Hollywood mogul expressed regret today over how he has led his life, saying he is plagued with remorse over not handling things differently.

“Why oh why didn’t I jump into Republican politics when I had the chance?”

With Roy Moore now endorsed by the President and the Republican establishment at large despite his alleged predilection for vulnerable underage girls, Weinstein realizes the enormous opportunities that could have been had he switched party affiliation.

“Instead of trying to intimidate my victims into keeping quiet I could have entered a US Senate race and bragged about it!.”

His suspicions he played this all wrong were confirmed by a poll showing Alabama voters still would vote for Moore even if they knew everything about him to be true beyond any doubt.

“All the criminal things I did that are dogging me could have been an asset!”

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  1. Yes, if Harvey had only gone Republican , especially extremist Republican, asked for Jesus’s forgiveness then all would be cool and his many misdeeds forgiven , unlike that Bill Clinton. Jesus & God apparently, according to the right, only forgives and supports right wing dirt bags.

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