Hawaiian Judge Publicly Urinates On Travel Ban To Try To Get Message Across

In a lengthy ruling, US District Court Judge Derrick Watson has concluded that the latest version of President Trump’s travel ban still amounts to an unconstitutional religious test, and has ordered its implementation stayed.

Watson was visibly agitated as he described how the latest iteration of the ban had barely changed from the original with none of the fundamental problems addressed.

“You know how when a college essay is too short and some loser student thinks squeezing the margins and changing to a 24-point font will suffice? That’s the kind of crap I’m dealing with here.”

Concerned that the White House was tone deaf to the degree of opposition it faced, the Judge said it was incumbent upon him to fully convey the judicial attitude towards what Trump was up to.

“Okay let’s do this.”

He then asked those of a delicate position to leave the room and proceeded to relieve himself upon a copy of the latest executive order in the hope that the White House will finally get the message once and for all.

“If this doesn’t make an impression then I don’t know what will. Doing a No. 2?”

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