Hell Tells Donald Tusk It Won’t Accept Brexiters “They can go, um, elsewhere”

(The Underworld) Speaking on behalf of himself and all the residents in his charge, The Devil has informed Donald Tusk that Brexiters do not deserve a special place in hell, as that would be very unfair to hell.

“They can go, um, elsewhere.”

While admitting he has some unsavory characters down there with him, Beelzebub said his worst offenders did not compare to the Brexiters, pointing out that even Hitler was upfront about what he wanted to do.

“He did not mislead. He also had a plan. Unlike these morons.”

The Prince of Darkness said he believed Hell deserved an apology from the European Union for associating them with the UK politicians behind the Leave campaign.

“I am not holding my breath, but it would be the right thing to do.”

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