Hillary Clinton Gives Joint Session Address To Sympathetic Woodland Creatures

(Chappaqua, NY) After being told it would be therapeutic to read aloud the Congressional address she had prepared months ago in anticipation of winning the election, Hillary Clinton took time during a walk in the woods to deliver her plan for the nation that will not be implemented.

In a ninety-plus minute address that spelled out an optimistic vision of a forward looking America engaged in the international scene, Clinton gave a detailed plan filled with statistics and concrete proposals that would bring a smile to policy wonks.

As she spoke a number of deer and smaller woodland creatures paused to hear it, though it was not clear if they sensed her need to have a sympathetic audience during what was surely a painful process, or just expected some snacks.

She said it did indeed make her feel better, and she plans to return to deliver her first State of the Union in a year or so.

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