Hillary Measures Drapes & Space For Private Email Servers During Visit To Oval Office

"I don't distrust everyone, Barack, only my enemies."

Proving that old habits die hard, Hillary Clinton gave President Obama and other leading Democrats cause for concern today during a visit to the White House.

Things started out well when Clinton displayed her confidence in victory by engaging in the time-honored tradition of measuring the Oval Office drapes.

She then laid the tape measure out on the open floor. Obama inquired if she was checking to see if a favorite piece of furniture would fit.

“No, just some private email servers. They’re quite bulky.”

Obama sternly warned her against repeating the mistakes of her past. Clinton listened carefully, then got out a pen and notepad and asked Obama to slowly repeat what he had just said.

“Must stop being so paranoid and secretive. Got it.”

Just to be on the safe side, Obama cancelled a trade delegation meeting to school Clinton on how to calculate her speaking fees once she’s President. Again Clinton made a point of writing everything down so she could study up later.

“Enter zero. But not lots of them after some other number like I’m used to. Roger that.”

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