Hoarder Brings Herself Joy By Throwing Marie Kondo Out Of Home

Image credit: 'Marie Kondo speaking' by Flickr user RISE license CC BY 2.0.

Netflix said today it will not be airing the latest episode of Tidying Up in which Peaches, GA, resident Paige Philips physically ejected tidying professional Marie Kondo from her three-bedroom home.

“I was just following instructions.”

Philips, who neighbors describe as an ‘all-star hoarder’, had understood the KonMari method as being one that merely categorizes belongings, thereby neglecting to appreciate the critical ‘throwing out crap’ aspect of the popular organizational strategy.

“She said to throw out anything I was unhappy with, so I did.”

As Kondo encouraged Philips to get rid of the old newspapers and unopened As-Seen-On-TV products that were making her home a hazard to life and limb, her hoarder instincts kicked in. The situation was not helped when the translator left out of fear of what the hoarder might do.

“Once people like that feel their stuff is being threatened, there’s no telling what they are capable of.”

It ended up just being a little shoving, but the 300 lbs weight differential between them caused Kondo to be propelled forcefully into the street.

“Fortunately Marie is fine and still able to fold.”

Though the episode will not be aired as part of Kondo’s current series on Netflix, the footage is being saved for an upcoming special “KonMari Disaster Stories”.

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  1. While unfortunate for Marie, this definitely shows you that one method or set of rules doesn’t work for everyone. Some people who hoard (not hoarders) can really benefit from working with a licensed social worker…and some of us are professional organizers too!

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