Hollywood Rushes ‘Spotlight 2: The Clergy Strikes Back’ Into Production

The movie Spotlight – about a team of reporters at the Boston Globe uncovering child abusers shielded by the Catholic church – was the surprise winner of best picture at the Oscars this year. The film’s producers are naturally delighted, but admit they were taken off guard and hadn’t even planned a sequel to capitalize on its success.

“No worries – we’re simply going to follow the Star Wars template which also concerns a battle between the forces of good and evil.”

Despite using the famous space opera trilogy as a guide, they insist they have adapted its broad outline to come up with an original and plausible Spotlight sequel. However the rumored filming of a scene in which a group of bishops place Mark Ruffalo’s character in suspended animation by freezing him in carbonite suggests the writing process may have been rushed.

Spotlight 2: The Clergy Strikes Back is expected to be released early this summer.

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